Service for Tibet Lenda Railway Construction(Leng da Xiang Road)
Product model: HDL-180D1
Project envoirment:
The bridge is located in the Jiacha County of Tibet near the township house, across the Brahmaputra, the river width of the bridge at site is about 300 meters, river flow is rush, riverbed is covered by disorderly stone, drift stone water,water depth is about 12 meters.
Formulation :
The section locate the High Mountain Canyon area, the earth surface and riverbed are covered fine-angle gravels, fine round gravel, coarse gravel soil, stone soil, bleaching stone soil,
with irregular staggered bedding structure, The bearing layer of pile foundation is uneven and the coarse particle diameter distribution is wide.
Process :
1. Drill hole with HDL-180D1 drilling rig,  133 casing and 73 internal drill pipe, 15KW pipeline pump water circulation
2. Hit the required depth, remove the inner tube, put 110mm PVC pipe, remove the casing. Then do rotating spray grouting to do water prove
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