Assemble Or Remove Drill Pipe Technology

Location (province): Hubei Province

Location (city): Wuhan

Drilling rig type: MXL-150D2

Drill pipe configuration: 89 drill pipe

Construction technology: drill pipe construction

Stratigraphic condition: Sandy mudstone, strong weathering, gravel, groundwater

Construction angle (degree): 30

Diameter (mm): 200

Depth(m): 18

Efficiency (H): 0.75

Net drilling time (H): 0.5

Net disassembly tool time (H): 0.25

Technology :

1. Drilling tools: 8pcs of  89mm drill rods, two spiral drill pipes, turbodrill, equipped with 18m3/ 1.7 MPa air compressor.

2.Requirements: anchor cable grouting 1. 30ºangle 2. hole diameter is 200mm 3. hole depth is 18m


1. Connect two spiral drill tods at first, and then connect  turbine bit (spiral drill pipe is convenient for slag discharge.
The attention of using turbine drill bits : 1. using easy wear bit under low speed,. 2.  Feed forward slowly, if working speed is too high, it is easy to plug holes and hurt drill bits.

2. match holes.

3. open gas, screw drill drilling, moving back and forth to slag. It is about 3 to 4 minutes.

4. off gas, connect 2 meter long、 89mm drill rod , gas drilling,speed is about 1 minutes and 15 seconds.

5. slagging, the power head moves back and forth with intermittent pause. The time is about 1 minutes and 15 seconds.

6.connect 8pcs of 89mm drill pipes, drilling and slag discharge till work finished

7. Remove the drill pipe, place the bottom thread-tooth  between the upper and bottom clamp, tight the clamp, and loosen the thread-tooth. loose the clamp, lift up about 50 cm, tight the clamp, and unscrew the wire teeth. electric fork to clamp down the interface, reverse the upper tooth interface.

8. Finish removing the drill pipe. Machine move to other place, put anchor cable in the pipe

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