Single Jet Grouting Technology

Location (province): Gansu

Location (city): Tianshui

Drilling rig type: MXL-150D

Pipe configuration: 76 drill pipe

Construction technology: single jet grouting construction

Stratigraphic situation: river course construction!

There were covered mud pebbles at the first 3meters of layer  , from 3 meters to 6 meters, there are cobblestones, weathered rocks. Form 6 meters to 9meters the layer was formed with mud pebbles

Angle (degree): 90

Diameter (mm): 500

Depth (m): 10

Efficiency (H): 0.9

Requests: waterproof curtain, double row, pile diameter 500mm, depth 10m, lifting speed: 1meter /4minutes , cement volume is 160kg/m, 25Mpa pressure, 2.4 Nozzle

The construction was doing hole by an old drilling it enpowered ten piles per day, each pile is average less than 6meters, working 10hours a day. the old machine could only drill to 5 meters. One hard alloy drill bit was used out in a day.

the old machine can drill one pipe in 50minutes by imporving the drill rod

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