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Anman drilling rig MXL-150D anchoring rig in Guangxi Hezhou construction

Location (province): the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Location (city): Hezhou

Rig type: MXL-150D

Pipe configuration: 76 drill pipe

Technology: drill pipe construction

Stratigraphic condition: slightly weathered limestone.

Angle (degree): 90

Diameter(mm): 200

Depth (m): 5

Efficiency (H): 0.5

Net drilling time (H): 0.48

Net removing tool time (H): 0.02

Site feedback:

Before our machine worker for the construction, Customers used other company's DTH drilling rig and assembled with 15 cubic 0.8 MPa air compressor, 150 hammer of low and moderate wind pressure , 200 pcs hammers. the 5 meters hole experiment showed that the first hole was only 3 meters, the second hole was 1 meter, test fail.

Anman MXL-150D ,assemble with 13 cubic 1.2 MPa air compressor, low and medium air pressure 150A impact hammer , 200 pcs hammers, 30 minutes a hole (it was new machine, the operator did not know much about the machine )

Customer satisfaction: 10 points, rig is good quality, good service and timely accessories service.

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