HDL-200 Top Drifter Multifunctional Hydraulic Drilling Rig
Wuxi Antian Trading Co.,Ltd’s HDL-200 Top Drifter Multifunctional Hydraulic Drilling Rig are more and more popular at home and abroad which has low cost , high quality and convenient
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  • HDL-200 is mainly for complex formation. The top drifter has high power -vibration, It is able to drill in hard rock without air compressor or DTH hammer.

  • Specifications


    Impact power of power head(max)(N.m)


    Transport Dimension(L*W*H)(mm)




  • 1. With large impact energy in the top drive drilling head, it can achieve impact drilling without DTH hammer and air compressor.

  • 2. With the function of omnidirectional, multi-angle adjustment, it can meet many kinds of drilling angle requirements.

  • 3. The impact energy transmit on drilling tools from inside to outside, which reduce drill sticking, hole collapsing, drill bit being buried or other incidents, and make the construction safer and with lower cost.

  • 4. By large torque, high rotary speed, large impact energy, this machine is fit for wider soil layers, especially in sandy gravel layer, crushed rock layer, stone soil, sandy layer, and other easy collapsing layer that need impact drilling. It has high efficiency of drilling speed and high quality of hole. When the water content is too high in the layer to use the DTH hammer, the technology of this machine process is the unique choice.

  • 5. With movable console, which is easy to operate and convenient for operators to view the drilling hole.

  • 6. This machine is mainly applied in: foundation supporting, slope supporting, micro piling drilling, tunnel shied, and many kinds of hole guiding construction etc.

  • 300mm clamp
  • big turn plate
  • drifter
  • operation console
  • remote control
  • variable angle
  • 1. Top Drive Drilling Head (Domestic drilling head for alternative)—suitable for all kinds of soil condition

  • 2. Fitted with imported hydraulic system—more stable system

  • 3. Swiveling console—more convenient for operation, more flexible and safer

  • 4. Motor driving mast—higher driving force, more reliable

  • 5. Omnidirectional variable angle mechanism—more flexible, suit for many kinds of projects

  • 6. Vertical big turn plate—more convenient for tunnel shied construction

  • 7. 300mm opening diameter clamp—suitable for big hole drilling construction

  • big clamp
  • For railway station
  • construction site with rock
  • The broken rock hit by rig
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