Casing & Drill Pipe Double Pipe Drilling

Location (province): Guangdong Province

Location (city): Nanxiong City

Drilling rig type: HDL-180D1

Drill pipe : 146 casing + 76 drill pipe.

Construction technology: casing + drill pipe double pipe drilling

Stratigraphic condition: 1~2 meter clay layer, 3~4 sandy cobble layer 5~12 and all weathered red sandstone.

angle (degree): 90

Diameter (mm): 150

Depth (m): 11.5

Efficiency (H): 0.5

Net Drilling time (H): 0.25

Net removing tool time (H): 0.15

Process information:

1 Locate the hole position

2  Drill directly through the clay layer by using two connected sleeves pipe in terms of Water pump not working, then do percussion on the pebble layer.

3  make water pump work by using drill pipe, and drill hole to 11.5 meters depth by rotary impact power  .

4 remove drill pipe.

5 Backward drill machine and then use the winch crane to do anchor

6.Forward Machine, using clamp holds sleeve, lifting push-support, make sleeve up to the position where the sleeve joint and sleeve connection will not interfere with the bolt. Pull out the sleeve with power head.

The advantages of top drive rigs are:

1 High efficiency,  new machine can make a pile within half an hour

2 Low energy consumption, high-power air compressor is not needed

3 Grouting effect is good. The close holes will not mix together afer grouting

4. Working environment get improvement, workers do not need to suffer in the dust, customers approve the top percussion technology on our drilling  machine

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