HDL-150D Top Drive Multifunctional Drilling Rig Applied to Anchor Cable Construction of Foundation Pit in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

Location (Province): Guangdong

Location (City): Guangzhou

Drill Rig Type: HDL-150D

Drilling Pipe Configuration: 133 casing

Process Type: foundation pit inclined anchor

Construction Technology: common anchor cable

Stratigraphic Condition: pure sandy stratum

Construction Angle (degree): 25

Diameter (mm): 150

Hole Depth (m): 21

Construction Efficiency (min): 50

Net Drilling Time (min): 30

Net Disassembly Tool Time (min): 10 

Construction Technology: HDL-150D Sand Layer Anchor Cable Casing. 5.5kW sewage pump, 11kW pressurization, mud transported by tanker; pure sandy stratum, with no mud in the sand, high friction resistance and high drilling torque, which is easy to cause accidents of pipe burying.

1. Excavate the drainage groove, reserve the construction platform, and mark the anchor cable hole position;

2. Move the machine to the drilling position and align it with the supporting leg of the hole site; Install casing and casing drill bit, start sewage pump and booster pump, use mud to return sand at the drill bit from the orifice through the casing, and the drilling depth meets the design requirements;

3, making anchor cable body, cutting with grinding wheel cutter, the length meets the stretching length of jack, and the free section is sleeved with plastic protective sleeve;

4. Put the prepared anchor cable into the casing (grouting pipe and anchor cable are fixed together twice);

5. Use P.O 42.5 grade cement to make cement slurry through twice stirring, connect with grouting pipe through grouting pump for the first time to carry out grouting at the bottom of the hole, and stop grouting after the cement slurry completely returns from the orifice casing.

6. Remove and pull out the sleeve.

7. After the cement slurry in the hole reaches the strength, the second high-pressure grouting pressure shall be 2-5 MPa.

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