Casing Pipe & Drill Pipe Double Pipe Drilling

Location (province): Zhejiang Province

Location (city): Quzhou

Drilling rig type: HDL-180D1

Drill pipe configuration: 146 casing + 89 drill pipe.

Construction technology: casing + drill pipe double pipe drilling

Stratigraphic condition: 6 m, no supporting small loose gravel gravel gravel layer. The 6-10 meter is the gravel layer and the gravel layer. Soilless.

Construction angle (degree): 15

Diamter (mm): 156

Depth(m): 10

Efficiency (H): 0.8

Net drilling time (H): 0.5

Net disassembly tool time (H): 0.2

Equipment Improvement Feedback: the original drill bit and pipe is 10cm larger than casing pipe, then do improvement to reduce the difference to be 3cm larger .
Characterics: 1. if the bulge is too large,the front casing is easy to form a sweeping hole, and get pebble inside . 2. For preventing large particles entering the casing,it should reduce the washing hole time.

asemmbel parts: 5.5KW sewage pump, 15KW booster pump. 146 casing with 146-156 bit, 89 drill pipe, 89-115 drill pipe bit.

Construction technology : double layer percussion drilling in pebble stratum.

1. The position of the drilling rig locate accurately to the hole (the mast is vertical to the working face and try make each close hole lie at one line ) it is convenient for making waist beam for next step.

2. Fixed and slightly lifted 4 support legs of the machine  the hard formation can be drilled at right location by the way of lifting, setting up long mast, sliding).

3. use 89 inside pipe and water pump to flush off broken rocks, reciprocating this way until pipe reach 10m deep.

4. slide the oil cylinder until the bottom clamp do not get the casing thread, and use the upper and lower clamp to remove the drill rod.

5. insert the grouting pipe to the bottom hole of the casing pipe and then put rebar inside.

6. Remove the casing pipe and do slurry while each 4 meters pulled up.
Process Character: about 10 meters,  gravel layer with small amount of soil.

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